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Adobe Flash Player, Updating Yet Again. WTF?

Okay, so this is pissing me off.  Adobe Flash Player must be the most incomplete app on the planet.  Seems I get an update every week, if not more. It shows up just after I logon to Windows while all other services are starting and slows everything down.  I go through the process to get it installed, wasting time not doing what I want too.  Is it that perforated with holes that Adobe needs to do weekly repairs?  Microsoft Windows isn’t even updated this much. Do Mac users run into this same problem?

As a tech guy, I want all my programs up-to-date and working as intended, but this is ridiculous.  If I didn’t need Flash for so many things, I’d remove it completely.  None of Adobe’s other products seem to need so many updates.  Even Adobe Reader has fewer updates and its constantly getting hit by hackers as a vehicle to deploy their malware.

My question to Adobe is, “Why the hell isn’t there an option to just run the update automatically 5 minutes after I logon?”  This would be so much easier, an option for silent updating.  Don’t bother me with asking if I want the update, just update the damn app and be done with it.  Give me the option to choose.  If it’s a jacked update, I’ll live with the consequences.  I’m a tech guy, I know how to un-install a program and reinstall it.

My second question to Adobe, “Why can’t you do monthly updates with the emergency updates as needed, or is every update an emergency for Flash Player?”  With the exception of virus scanning software, most software companies only send out updates on an as-needed-basis or in the case of malware threats or a bad previous update, an emergency update is sent out to fix the problem.  Microsoft’s policy on updates is to do Security updates once a month and everything else is on an as-needed basis, as seen below.

Fast Facts About Microsoft Update (http://www.microsoft.com/canada/smallbiz/issues/sgcv2/security-guidance-centre/fastfactsaboutmicrosoftupdate.mspx) Note: This is for Canada, in the US Patch Tuesday occur every second Tuesday of every month.
Q: How often does Microsoft Update release new updates?
A: Security-related updates are released once a month. However, if a security threat occurs, such as a widespread virus or worm that affects Windows-based computers, Microsoft will release a corresponding update as soon as possible. Other types of updates can be released whenever they are ready. It’s a good idea to turn on Automatic Updates so that your computer can receive high-priority updates as they become available.

Adobe, on the other-hand, state Flash needs to be updated “Periodically.” What, really?  Periodically?  Windows Updates are done periodically.  Adobe Flash updates are verging on harassment.  Dictionary.com states the definition of periodically as “recurring at intervals of time.” So I guess Adobe’s definition is quite different than mine, again verging on harassment.

Flash Player Help (http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help10.html)
Why am I being asked to install an update?
Periodically, Adobe updates Flash Player with new features or corrections and automatically notifies you so that you can install the updated version immediately. You are being asked to install the update because an update is now available, and your notification settings in the Settings Manager are configured to send you automatic notifications whenever an update is available.
Adobe Flash Settings Manager

Adobe Flash Settings Manager

For those of you that want to stop the automatic updates, you can open the Flash Player Settings Manager, select the Advanced tab the select the “Never check for updates (not recommended.)”  It’s true, it’s not recommended and I don’t recommend it, but you can always update manually if you desire.  Additionally, having an updated Flash Player allows you to continue to view online media without having to later do a large update and may also help to keep malware off your computer.

I guess, in my case, if I want to keep watching my YouTube videos, see animations, or play some online games, I’m just going to have to continue to take Adobe’s weekly rape of my computer.

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I have been trying to view a video on making faccio by Nancy Silverton from the LA times cooking site. It does the same thing every time. It stops after 1 min.22 seconds.I have a Mac and have deleted the program and re-installed it many times. Problem still persists. Thank you for your information.

    Comment by Dorothy | May 30, 2011

  2. Tis irritating. I’d love to know how many times they’ve updated it in the last year because it seems like it’s at least every week.

    Comment by Anthony | August 8, 2011

  3. Another one came out today. It turns out that every one is an emergency, because Adobe are a bunch of idiots who don’t bother with any kind of pre-emptive security measures. After all, who needs buffer length checks, right?

    Adobe wrote a long screed attacking Apple for not allowing Flash onto the iPhone, which basically boiled down to “Your restrictions are oppressive!” Apple wrote a long detailed reply that boiled down to “Your codebase is shitty!”

    Could be worse. They could be the people responsible for pushing Firefox, where the 3.6 series had no fewer than FIVE point releases that followed their predecessors by less than a fortnight. Including THREE where that was a couple of days. Seriously, one of those releases, I grabbed the update, did my thing, restarted the browser, and already there was another point release. Once was forgivable, five times was just sloppy.

    Comment by John | September 23, 2011

  4. I completely agree, all that is needed is an option on first install (preferably a default one) to download and install Flash updates automatically and silently (perhaps at most a bubble notification to let me know whenever the process completed successfully, although to be honest I don’t much care!).

    Adobe Flash and Reader are well down on my most frequently used applications list so why they need to be so intrusive with their nagging self important updates just serves to irritate me. I frequently work with 5 different Windows machines (three at home, two in the office) so one update to Flash is a far more time consuming job than it ought to be).

    Fortunately I was able to replace Adobe Reader with Foxit Reader which has far less bloat, much faster to load and doesn’t nag for constant updates! However, sadly with Adobe Flash I’m forced to use this utterly detestable product since so many websites rely on it. I really hope Adobe take note of this blog and do something about it? If not then perhaps similar alternatives like HTML 5 or Silverlight will take over and I can take pleasure in uninstalling Flash for good : )

    P.s. Thank you Apple for putting out over 200 million devices that don’t support Flash – stick that on your homepage Adobe!

    Comment by feederz | October 17, 2011

  5. exactly!!! I am so sick of flash player doing this as well! for a while, I was like, “hmmm, I thought I did this already. Oh, it must have been incomplete…” and then it would pop up again. And again. Its annoying as HELL

    Comment by RetroRich | December 30, 2011

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