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Defender Series for iPhone 4

I don’t normally endorse any kind of products other than software or online services, so this is rare.  That said, I do appreciate excellent customer service which seems to be a dying art form among most companies.  Sure you might get the token “How can I help you?” but the actual follow-through is just unseen.

I am exceptionally hard on my devices and toys.  When I was a child, my parents were astounded that I could pull apart a Tonka Toy steel truck, and did so to many trucks.  My father couldn’t do it without tools.  So you can imagine how I am as an adult with my iPhone, iPad, laptop, and other assorted electronics and gadgets.

Knowing of my own destructiveness, when I bought my pretty, new iPhone 4, I was a little worried and apprehensive as to how long it would last before I smashed it into a thousand tiny little pieces.  Of course, I purchased the additional insurance and then began my search for the perfect case, not just the flimsy bumper that is so commonly seen.  Several hours of online researching later, I found Otterbox.  It was a little higher priced than what I had paid for other cases in the past, but this was a full case with a holster, the Defender Series.  All other previous cases were nothing like this. The Defender has a hard plastic shell surrounded by a silicone skin.  The inside has a velveteen-like backing to keep the iPhone more secure against shock and damage from rubbing against the interior of the form-fitting case.

I was set.  I ordered it online, and a few days later it arrived.  I followed the instructions online as to how to put my iPhone inside, very simple task, and was happy as could be.  A few weeks later, while quickly getting into the car, the holster caught on the door frame and my iPhone went flying as the holster hinge broke.  I thought for sure that my iPhone would be cracked, but it was safe and secure.

When I got home, I visited www.otterbox.com.  To my dismay, there seemed to be no option to purchase a new holster.  Feeling dejected, I found their customer service email and sent them a request to purchase a new holster.  The following day, I received a reply, they did not sell replacement holsters, but they would send me a replacement (at no cost.)  I did have to provide my receipt and a part number, but Otterbox replaced the holster with no questions asked.

Well, again almost a year later, I have broken the holster again, snapped at the hinge.  I am definitely hard on my equipment, surprised it lasted this long.  Two emails, my request sent to Otterbox, and their reply. That’s all.  I should be receiving my replacement holster in a few days.

Otterbox proves customer service is important and not a lost art.  I strongly recommend Otterbox if you are looking to keep your devices safer.  While there may be no case that will keep any device totally safe, I’ve dropped my iPhone over four feet and the Defender has kept it in one piece, this case has proven itself well worth the cost.

So check them out, they provide cases for all sorts of mobile phones and devices.

Thank you Otterbox.  I appreciate your products, your outstanding customer service and I am a customer for life.

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