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In Her Name – Michael R. Hicks


Empire, Book One of the Redemption Trilogy of the In Her Name Series
By Michael R. Hicks

For far to long I’ve been ignoring the writer in me so I could bring into focus the rest of my life, I needed to bring people and things that really mattered to me to the forefront of my existence.  Having made those necessary changes and adjustments to my life I returned to my keyboard and screen.

The screen was blank and the keys played no tippity-tap music. I was empty and my story had been pushed to far back in my mind to spill out onto the pages. Then I realized the mistakes I had made. First, I should have continued to write, even if it was just a few paragraphs a week – about anything. And, second, I should have read more. I hadn’t read a book in more than a year. The two most important daily tasks writers should do is write and read.

I set forth to find a book that I might enjoy but instead found BookBud.com, a service that sends out a daily email with my chosen categories of books on sale or free for a limited time. And, that’s when I found the book, Empire, Book One of the Redemption Trilogy of the In Her Name series by Michael R. Hicks. I’ve known of Michael R. Hicks for some time. He was one of the first persons I followed on Twitter. However, for some reason I never took the leap to pick up one of his books. It was a terrible mistake on my part.

From the moment I started reading, I was hooked. In Hicks’ author bio on Amazon, he mentions he is a fan of Larry Niven, who is one of my all time favorites. This is what led me to download the book. I wanted to see how much of a inspiration Niven was on Hicks and if his work compared. Hicks did not disappoint and can be easily ranked with Niven and a host of other Science Fiction giants. In fact, he creates a universe substantial and well-lived-in, with characters so real that they become your friend and allies or your enemies.  So much so that when something unexpected happens, you are left thinking “What the Hell is Hicks thinking? This can’t happen!” But it does happen and it’s all part of his incredible and imaginative plot that in the end works to create an unbelievably, well written and amazing story. And that’s just the first book…

Empire follows the life of Reza Gard from his childhood to his early adulthood. To say he faces challenges along the way is an understatement at the very least. In addition to Reza, the supporting characters are people you want as your friends, people you come to trust and believe in or they are people you grow to hate and loath.  Because of the characters and Hicks’ superb writing skills, this story moves quickly, a staggering pace that makes you fear the story will end all to soon. However, even with this frantic pace that holds you on the edge of your seat, you do not become lost or disoriented in this wondrous universe.

I strongly suggest you get a copy of Empire (it’s free) and follow it up with Confederation and Final Battle, the complete Redemption Trilogy in the In Her Name Series. If you are a Science Fiction fan, you will be completely enthralled with Hicks’ masterful story telling, his attention to detail, and his ability to hold you on the edge throughout the entire story. I envy Hicks’ talent and admire his command of the craft. He is a wordsmith of the highest quality and I look forward to reading more of his work. I’ve already started on First Contact, Book One of The Last War Trilogy which is turning out to be another great read.

Thank you Michael, for taking us on this great adventure. I am inspired to get back to writing as soon as I’m done reading…

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Something New

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A Sunday Evening Post…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.  I’ve been letting my life run things for a bit, taking me in all sorts of directions but its time to change that.  My need to write is always there, poking me as I try to sleep every night.  I keep ignoring it for other things or I’m writing but just not on my blogs.

With this change, I’ve decided to stir things up a bit.  First, I’m returning my God of Nothing blog back to its original format, an opinion blog, where I can sound off on anything I feel like sounding off on.  So anything goes, Life, the Universe, and Everything (Thank you Douglas Adams, I miss you!) Hopefully, you will find it entertaining and thought-provoking.

I will keep some of the blog posts on God of Nothing that pertain to writing, my favorite poem from April R. Denton and the guest posts from Julianne Snow, one of my favorite writers.  There will be some posts removed, mostly any of my fiction as that may eventually be moved to my Wolf Scott Blog.

Secondly, my Wolf Scott blog will continue to be more personal and geared more towards my writing as an author.  It will include snippets and news of my current projects, some guest posts from other writers and authors, and perhaps some reviews.

Look for more frequent posts as I get back into the swing of things.  And as always, thank you for reading and please feel free to say a little something about each post you read.


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Forcing the Words

Lost by Kev Stanton

As a writer, I often find that writing is a tenuous activity because it is so easily put off because of a world full of distractions from errands that must be run to getting lost on the Internet.  There is family that must be tended to; four year old little girls need hugs at least two to three times an hour. There is food that needs to be prepared and eaten.  A whole gambit of things can distract you.  As I am writing this blog, I am realizing that even this blog is distracting me from working on my novel.

You can’t stop life from happening around you or to you but you can control some aspects of it.  I try to write in a comfortable quite location, far removed from family and friends. I set specific times to write and try to follow that whenever possible. It doesn’t always work, but it does let the people in my life know that writing is important to me and it’s something I need to do.

Writer’s block is another killer of dreams.  I have spent countless hours staring at my computer, the blank white page in Word that cannot be filled with letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. I know the story, I know the plot, but getting that information from my wandering mind to the page seems to be as elusive as the pink unicorn my daughter wants to ride so badly.

I love to write, it is something that I seem to do well and people respond well to my written stories.  I enjoy creating worlds and the characters that live in them.  Unfortunately, more often than not, I am distracted, led away from my words and come back only to find an empty white page mocking my creative soul. I hate that.

I once read that S.E. Hinton, a favorite author of mine as a teenager and writer of “The Outsiders” and “That Was Then, This is Now,” had sever writers block after the release of “The Outsiders.”  After three years of it, her boyfriend told her to write two pages a day, of anything, as long as she was writing something.  I’ve often use this to get beyond my writers block and distractions.  Sometimes what I write is just meaningless and will never be used but sometimes there is a spark of something that leads to a bigger project.

My current work in progress is one such spark.  It was fueled by a bad day of writing when the words to the story I wanted to write just would not come out, would not make their way to the keys and onto the screen.  That spark lead to more words, then sentences, then paragraphs, and soon I had more written from that spark then in the original project I was working on.

Another thing I do, which actually sounds counter-productive but seems to work for me is leave. I pack up my thoughts and go out into the world where I spy on every passerby I can find.  I watch people, the girl with amazing blue eyes behind the counter at the 7-Eleven, the guy chomping down on a burger while ignoring his wife go on about something I can’t quite hear, the kid running like a warrior through the toy section at Target.  Whatever, anything I see, it’s all potential to be something in my created worlds.  The kid might become a soldier storming the enemy. The guy might be plotting his escape from the life that has become less than wonderful.  The blue-eyed girl a love interest to the protagonist.  It’s all out there and it’s all ready to be transformed into something magnificent.

The actual working mechanics of a writer is generally and most often fairly solitary and boring, spending hours alone in front of the computer or pad of paper. It is so unlike working in an office environment where there are other persons to interact with, experience life with.  It is so important to go out there and experience, even if it is just watching others. It breeds ideas, allowing me to create my worlds, my characters, and the situations they have to live through, hopefully making then more real and believable.

In the end, whether by choice or fortune’s fate, I am a writer, it is something I have to do and there are sometimes obstacles that must be overcome as in all things. I may someday become an author of published work or maybe not, but I will always be a writer even when it is hard to write.

What do you do when the words won’t come out?

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